About Boinkle

My name is Liane, and I am a true artisan!  I absolutely love making things by hand.  Crocheting, making paper crafts, making signs, woodworking, soap making, photography, and sewing...and now, candles.  I have always enjoyed candles.  I usually have a candle of some sort burning every single night.  Recently we had a tragedy in our family.  We lost my mother-in-law, Missy, very unexpectedly.  When we were going through her things I came upon some cute little jars that had a note on them that read “to make candles in”.  The jars had frosted pine trees etched into the sides.  I thought “I’m going to use these the way Missy intended”.  So that is how my candle making career began.  Missy and I were very close, and we both enjoyed shopping for locally made items...including candles.  We liked finding products that were unique and used natural ingredients.  I've chosen to use soy wax, palm wax, beeswax and pure cotton wicks.  After the events of the last year, my husband and I decided to move to Lake Nebagamon, WI.  The basement of our house has a mother-in-law apartment, an ironic but project fulfilling development of our new home.  There is a small but full kitchen for me to master this craft.  I have spent many, many hours getting the wax, scent and wicks just perfect.  I strive to be as unique and fun as possible with the scents and their names.  My inspiration comes from all the awesomeness that surrounds Lake Superior and the uniqueness of the woods that surround our new home.  There are so many things to like and the ideas for my candles are just endless.  I did struggle with a company name. My husband, Nick, had been at a leadership training conference (which was unlike any other/changed him dramatically).  That same weekend I was praying about a name for the company. He came home with this weird word, "Boinkle".  It which means "to live in the moment" and "the essence of positivity, love, trust and self-confidence".  After I heard that I had my name.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read about Boinkle and Happy aroma enjoyment!